Using Full Screen in Chrome for Android: How to? (In Easy) (2023)

Here’s how to use full-screen in Chrome for Android:

Tap the Chrome icon on your Android home screen to open the browser.

On the web page, you want to view in full screen, click the three vertical dots in the top toolbar of Chrome and then “Add to Homescreen.”

An icon to the web page is added to your home screen.

Tap the icon to open the web page full-screen.

If you want to learn all about how to open a website in full-screen in Chrome for Android, then you’re in the right place.

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Using Full-Screen in Chrome for Android?

You might be familiar with viewing websites in full-screen mode on your home computer.This immersive mode hides the address bar, buttons, and other toolbars.

When viewing fullscreen, you can focus on the content with fewer distractions.

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Some Web page elements also become bigger when using fullscreen, making them easier to see.

While Google Chrome, the default browser on Android devices, lacks a dedicated button to turn on full-screen mode, there’s a workaround that accomplishes the same effect.

You can also easily view the latest viral video in full-screen without enabling full-screen itself in Chrome.

How to Use Full-Screen in Chrome for Android?

To use full-screen in Chrome for Android, tap the Chrome icon on your home screen to open the browser.The icon may also be in your app list.

Once Google Chrome is open, touch the address bar to enter the website address (URL) you want to view in full-screen.

Next, hit the arrow/go button on your keyboard to load the website.

If you frequently browse this website, you might see an icon to click on the browser’s main page to visit it without typing the address.

You can also touch links from other apps, such as a messaging or email program, to open them in Chrome.

When looking at the page you want to view in full-screen, click the three vertical dots from the top toolbar of Google Chrome to open the menu.

Touch “Add to Home screen.”

This adds an icon to the specific website to your home screen.

You will be prompted to give the page a name; although, you can keep the default name.

Touch “Add.”

A popup will show the size of the icon, and you can touch “Add Automatically” to add the icon to the end of your icon list on your home screen.

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Alternatively, you can touch and hold the icon and drag it onto your home screen if you want to place it in a specific location.

Do All Web Pages Open in Full-Screen from Shortcuts?

No, some Web pages always show the address bars and other toolbars in Chrome.

You must open the Web page to see if it will be in full-screen.

How to Open Web Pages in Full-Screen in Chrome for Android?

Close Chrome to return to your home screen.

The website icon will be the last icon added if you choose the automatic option so that it will be the furthest down the list.

The icon will feature the website’s icon and a smaller Chrome icon in the corner.

If you have icons on more than one home screen, the icon will appear on the last page. Swipe to the left to navigate to that page.

Touch the icon to open the Web page in full-screen.

How Does Full-Screen Work on Chrome for Android?

When your website opens in full-screen, it still opens in Chrome.You just can’t see the toolbars.This means you can log in to any website using passwords you’ve previously saved on Chrome.

If you’re already logged into a website in Chrome, you will still be logged in when using the full-screen.

You can interact with websites in full-screen mode the same way you do when using regular Google Chrome.

Clicking links, reading content, watching media, and typing are all the same. You just got a slightly bigger screen to do it on.

If a link would normally open in another app when you click it in Chrome, it will still do this from the full-screen.

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However, links that normally open in Chromefromanother app, including your email or messaging apps, will open in regular Chrome.

You will need to add and visit your home screen shortcut if you want to view those links in full-screen.

Can You View Every Web Page in Full-Screen?

Unfortunately, you must add web pages to your home screen individually to view them in full-screen.

You also can’t go to other websites when already in full-screen because you can’t see the address bar.

However, you can repeat the process above to add those pages you visit the most to your home screen for easy access in the future.

Does This Method Work in iOS or Just Android?

Some Apple users choose to download the Chrome browser for their devices because they prefer it over the default iOS browser, Safari.

While you get almost all of the same features as Chrome on Android, there are some notable differences.This includes adding website shortcuts to your home screen to use Chrome full-screen mode.

However, toolbars will shrink in Chrome on your iPhone when you read a website.

Turning your phone sideways to switch it to landscape mode may also make some websites and content appear in full-screen.

On your Android device or iPhone device, you can make some media, including YouTube and Vimeo videos, take up the entire screen.If this is possible, you will see an icon on the video or other media itself.

The icon looks like the four corners of a square and usually appears in the bottom right corner.Touch it to turn on the full-screen mode in the Chrome browser.

For videos, you may want to turn your phone on its side to turn on landscape mode, so the video’s width takes up the entire length of your phone.

To exit full-screen mode, swipe to the left or swipe down from the top of your screen and hit the “Back” button if your phone has one.

How to Manage Google Chrome Shortcuts From Your Homescreen? (2 Things)

You can hold any icon to change its position on your screen or even move it to a different home screen by dragging it to the far left or right of your screen.

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When you drop the icon, other icons will make space for it.

#1 Group Icons Together

You can also group all of the shortcuts to full-screen Web pages together.

Press one of the icons until your screen changes.

Then, drag the icon on top of another Web page icon to create a folder.

Touch the folder to open it and see the contents.

Your phone will call the folder “Chrome” by default if it only contains Web page shortcuts.

However, you can touch “Chrome” to delete that name and give your folder a new label.

To add other shortcuts to the new folder, long-press and drag them over the folder.

Finally, you can remove shortcuts from the folder by touching it, holding the specific icon, and dragging it from the folder to your home screen.

#2 Deleting Full-Screen Shortcuts and Folders

If you no longer need to visit a specific web page in full-screen, you can press the icon you want to delete on your home screen until the screen changes and you can move the icon.

Moving the icon will make a recycling bin appear.

Drag the icon to the recycling bin to delete it from your home screen.

You can also delete the entire folder by holding it until the screen changes and dragging it to the recycle icon.


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