Team Fortress 2 – Unusual Cosmetics Tier List (2023)

Here is my Unusual Cosmetics Tier List (2022 – . This ranking was based on the most recent sell order listings. – []It will be updated weekly to reflect any changes. Each generic unusual cosmetic median sale order was taken. This means it is more up-to-date than the average available suggestions and more resistant to outliers. The Median is the ratio of half of all sales orders to be cheaper than half that were higher. This list was very accurate in my experience.

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Team Fortress 2 – Unusual Cosmetics Tier List (1)

I was searching for a reliable generic list of unusual cosmetics that I could trade. Although I found many sources, each one has its own problems.

  • Based on suggestions that are often outdated, or don’t exist
  • Uses average, which is sensible to outliers
  • Often, the store does not have new items until it is updated
    • Very personal
    • Not ctrl+f-searchable
    • Does not contain any new items
    • Very old

This led me to’s sell order system, which I found to be the most current and reliable source.

People list their oddities. Each listing represents a person’s estimation of the item’s value. I take all unusual sell orders and calculate the median for each generic cosmetic. As long as there are at most 5 sell orders, the result can be used to rank an item. If rank was calculated using a small number of offers, be cautious.

Current ranks are calculated on Sun 02 Oct 2022. Guide limits limit the division of ranks into parts.

Below is a csv file with contents. It includes name, median price, and number of sellers. If you don’t understand something, check the date of the last update.


0,Coffin Kit,8600.0,2.0

1,Pota*sium Bonnet,6400.0,1.0


3,Corona Australis,3000.0,3.0

4,Polar Pullover,2000.0,15.0

5,Virtual Viewfinder,1750.0,26.0


7,Mountebank’s Masque,1500.0,2.0

8,Head Prize,1165.0,24.0

9,Captain Space Mann 1100.0,17.0

10,Noh Mercy,1000.0,18.0

11,Bedouin Bandana,950.0,6.0

12,Exquisite Rack,850.0,78.0

13,Wandering Wraith,777.0,37.0

14,Captain Cardbeard Cutthroat 750.0,4.0


16,Lucky Cat Hat,675.0,10.0


18,Blighted Beak,650.0,76.0

19,Team Captain,620.0,73.0

20,Soldier’s Stash,600.0,38.0

21,Duck Billed Hatypus.550.0,11.0

22,Whirly Warrior,550.0,64.0

23,Hungover Hero,550.0,3.0

24,Villain’s Veil,500.0,33.0


26,Cla*s Crown,500.0,6.0

27,Texas Toast,467.0,5.0

28,Pyromancer’s Mask,450.0,74.0

29,HazMat Headcase,450.0,13.0

30,Conagher’s Combover,448.0,1.0

31,Outta’ Sight,425.0,8.0

32,Sucker Slug,420.0,1.0


34,Bonk Boy,400.0,71.0

35,Master’s Yellow belt,400.0,80.0

36,White Russian,400.0,7.0

37,Scot Bonnet,400.0,1.0

38,Mining Light,390.0,37.0

39,Cat’s Pajamas,385.0,12.0

40,Das Hazmattenhatten,350.0,28.0

41,Gauzed Gaze,350.0,83.0

42,Brainiac Hairpiece,337.0,49.0

43,Legendary Lid,333.0,19.0

44,Lightning Lid,333.0,5.0

45,Candy Crown,315.0,13.0

46,All Hallows’ Hatte,300.0,13.0

47,Pyromancer’s Hood,300.0,5.0

48, Le Party Phantom,

49,Soldered Sensei,285.0,34.0

50,Pencil Pusher,280.0,35.0

51,War Eagle,275.0,6.0

52,Mister Bones,275.0,13.0

53,Large Luchadore,268.0,70.0

54,Hound Dog,262.0,18.0


56,War Pig,250.0,41.0

57,Prehistoric Pullover,250.0,55.0

58,Bone Cone,240.0,32.0


60,Patriot Peak,224.0,126.0

61,Towering Pile of Presents.208.0,10.0

62,Towering Patch of pumpkins,

63,Jolly Jester,200.0,3.0

64,Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative,

65,Eliminator’s Safeguard,200.0,11.0


67,Bobby Bonnet,200.0,6.0

68,Jungle Wreath,200.0,17.0

69,Crone’s Dome,200.0,93.0

70,Lil’ Bitey,200.0,32.0

71,Pestering Jester,200.0,3.0

72,Aztec Warrior,180.0,7.0

73,Bomber Knight,178.0,6.0

74,Surgeon’s Shako,175.0,2.0

75,Flash of Inspiration,175.0,3.0

76,Starboard Crusader,160.0,32.0

77,Sheriff’s Stetson,160.0,2.0

78,Dumb Bell,159.0,11.0

79,Hong Kong Cone,152.0,88.0

80,Company Man,150.0,47.0

81,Professional’s Ushanka,150.0,3.0

82,Herald’s Helm,150.0,64.0

83, A Well Wrapped Hat,150.0-46.0

84,Baseball Bill’s Sports Shine 150.0,12.0

85,Hat Chocolate,145.0,9.0


87,Mask to the Shaman,140.0-15.0


89,Bread Heads,140.0,9.0

90,Towering Pillar Of Beanies,

91,Death Racer’s Helmet,132.0,6.0

92,Frag Proof Fragger 128.0,37.0


94,Rotation Sensation,125.0,119.0

95,Trophy Belt,125.0,23.0

96,Killer Exclusive,124.0,99.0

97,Bare Necessities,120.0,5.0

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98,Millennial Mercenary,120.0,8.0


100,Gentleman’s Ushanka,114.0,36.0

101,Texas Slim’s Dome Shine,112.0-12.0

102,Plumber’s Cap,110.0,15.0

103,Smissmas Saxton,105.0,36.0

104,Familiar Fez,100.0,32.0

105,Toadstool Topper,100.0,12.0

106,Seared Sorcerer,100.0,49.0

107,Racc Mann,100.0,30.0

108,Sophisticated Smoker,100.0,65.0

109,Head Warmer,100.0,31.0

110,Professional’s Pom-Pom,100.0,39.0

111,Hunter In Darkness,100.0/53.0





115,Blast Defense,99.0,155.0

116,Brotherhood of Arms 97.0,100.0

117,Neptune’s Nightmare,97.0,12.0

118,Misfortune Fedora,96.0,16.0

119,Greased Lightning,95.0,44.0

120,Bolted Bicorne,95.0,21.0

121,Killer’s Kabuto,92.0,54.0


123,Bomber’s Bucket Hat 92.0,20.0

124,Black Watch,90.0,25.0

125,Cosa Nostra Cap,90.0,31.0

126,Fortunate Son,89.0,15.0

127,Sergeant’s Drill Hat,88.0.5,58.0


129,One-Man Army,88.0,30.0

130,Grimm Hatte,87.0,34.0


132,Das Ubersternmann,85.0,21.0

133,Troublemaker’s Tossle Cap.85.0,45.0

134,Cla*sy Capper,83.0,54.0

135,Federal Casemaker,82.0,60.0

136,El Jefe,82.0,36.0

137,Chill Chullo,80.0,106.0


139,Punk’s Pomp,80.0,29.0

140,Woolen Warmer,80.0,73.0


142,Tyrant’s Helm,78.0,69.0

143,Salty Dog,77.0,60.0

144,Backwards Ballcap,76.0,47.0

145,Pithy Professional,76.0,76.0


147,Burning Question,75.0,26.0

148,Helm Helm,75.0,19.0

149,Napper’s Respite,75.0,41.0

150,Tundra Top,75.0,131.0

151,Hat With No Name 74.0,56.0

152,Stainless Pot,74.0,44.0

153,Fancy Fedora,72.0,20.0

154,Texas Ten Galon,

155,Prussian Pickelhaube,72.0,18.0

156, Defragmenting Hard Hat 17% 70.0,25.0

157,Buccaneer’s Bicorne,70.0,39.0

158,Tartan Tyrolean,70.0,21.0

159,Vintage Tyrolean,70.0,55.0

160,Bumble Beenie,70.0,65.0


162,Brown Bomber,69.0,109.0

163,A Hat to Kill for,68.0,80.0

164,Pyro’s Beanie,68.0,23.0

165,Flipped Trilby,67.0,64.0

166, Tough Stuff Muffs 67.0,88.0

167,Dr. Dapper Topper,

168,Gnome Dome,66.0,62.0

169,Hat Outta Hell,66.0,127.0

170,Hustler’s Hallmark,65.0,39.0

171,Tam O’ Shanter,65.0,32.0

172, Crown of the Old Kingdom,


174,Valhalla Helm,65.0,4.0

175,Field Practice,65.0,93.0

176,Provisions Cap,65.0,17.0

177,Physician’s Protector,65.0,11.0

178,Pirate Bandana,65.0,35.0

179,Nasty Norsemann,64.0,62.0

180,Berlin Brain Bowl 64.0,116.0

181,Conjurer’s Cowl,64.0,34.0

182,Well-Rounded Rifleman,63.0,60.0

183,Frickin’ Sweet Ninja Hood,62.0,55.0


185,Crustaceous Cowl,62.0,24.0

186,Coldfront Commander,62.0,43.0


188,Ground Control,60.0,46.0

189,Hat of Cards 60.0,43.0


191,Connoisseur’s Cap,60.0,32.0

192,Swagman’s Swatter,60.0,39.0

193,Antarctic Eyewear,60.0,106.0

194,Crit Cloak,60.0,34.0

195,Das Gutenkutteharen,60.0,10.0


197,Spook Specs,60.0,29.0

198, Winter Wrap Up,

199,Caribou Companion,60.0,103.0

200,Bear Necessities,60.0,22.0

201,Big Chief,60.0,53.0

202,Vampire Vanquisher,59.0,69.0

203,Officer’s Ushanka,59.0,25.0

204,Frontier Djustice,58.0,13.0

205,Das Maddendoktor,57.0,16.0

206,Flamboyant Flamenco,57.0,38.0

207,Sammy Cap,56.0,31.0

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208,Demoman’s Fro,55.0,21.0

209,Hawk Warrior,55.0,43.0

210,Thirst Blood,55.0,31.0


212,Charmer’s Chapeau,54.0,62.0

213,Feathered Fiend,54.0,26.0

214,Dragonborn Helmet,54.0,44.0

215,Brigade Helm,54.0,41.0


217,Pampered Pyro,52.0,36.0

218,Dread Hiding Hood 52.0,20.0

219,Armored Authority,52.0,40.0

220,Cotton Head,52.0,123.0

221,Vive La France,52.0,75.0

222,Boxcar Bomber,51.0,57.0

223,Bubble Pipe,50.0,33.0

224,Batter’s Helmet,50.0,19.0

225,Aztec Aggressor,50.0,15.0

226,Wraith Wrap,50.0,52.0

227,Sinner’s Shade,50.0,88.0

228,Thousand-Yard Stare,50.0,108.0

229,Prince Tavish’s Crown,50.0,46.0


231,Modest Pile for Hat,50.0,102.0


233,Soldier’s Slope Scopers 50.0,40.0




236,Private Eye,49.0,38.0

237,Berliner’s Bucket Helm, 49.0,32.0

238,Honcho’s Headgear,49.0,40.0

239,Voodoo Vizier,48.0,41.0

240,Merc’s Mohawk,48.0,87.0

241,Smissmas Sorcerer,48.0,41.0

242,Heer’s Helmet,48.0,24.0

243,Smokey Sombrero,48.0,32.0

244,Virus Doctor,48.0,25.0

245,Battle Boonie,48.0,43.0

246,Condor Cap,47.0,50.0

247,Sole Mate,46.0,29.0


249,Trucker’s Topper,46.0,62.0

250,Burning Beanie,46.0,28.0

251,Desert Marauder,45.0,52.0

252,Glasgow Great Helm 45.0,23.0

253,Galvanized Gibus,45.0,88.0

254,Twisted Topper,45.0,120.0

255,Lucky Shot,45.0,39.0


257,Pomade Prince,45.0,45.0

258,Liquidator’s Lid,45.0,62.0

259,Big Topper,45.0,13.0

260,Whoopee Cap,44.0,50.0

261,Fed-Fightin’ Fedora,44.0,44.0

262,Magistrate’s Mullet,44.0,57.0


264,Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return),44.0,38.0

265,Surgeon’s Stahlhelm,44.0,30.0

266,Caribbean Conqueror,44.0,43.0

267,Bomb Beanie,44.0,45.0

268,Madame Dixie,43.0,42.0

269, Bomb and Breach, 43.0,55.0

270,California Cap,42.0,89.0

271,A Rather Festive Tree.42.0,70.0

272,Hazard Headgear,42.0,64.0

273,Coldsnap Cap,42.0,64.0

274,Horrific Headsplitter,42.0,40.0

275,SandMann’s Brush,42.0,24.0

276,Belgian Detective,42.0,32.0

277,Front Runner,41.0,57.0

278,Triboniophorus Tyrannus,41.0,46.0

279, Deep Cover Operator,41.0-67.0

280,Ye Oiled Baker Boy 41.0,52.0

281,Fruit Shoot,41.0,54.0

282,Infernal Impaler,40.0,33.0


284,Seasonal Spring,40.0,28.0

285,Winter Woodsman,40.0,85.0

286,Brain Bucket,40.0,41.0

287,Vintage Merryweather,40.0,41.0

288,Counterfeit Billycock,40.0,58.0


290,Crocleather Slouch,40.0,51.0

291,Glengarry Bonnet,40.0,49.0

292,Modest Metal Pile of Scrap 39.0,80.0

293,Your Worst Nightmare,39.0,42.0

294,Dark Falkirk Helm,39.0,53.0

295,Big Country,39.0,42.0

296,Bonk Helm,39.0,55.0

297,Razor Cut,39.0,19.0

298,Citizen Cane,38.0,100.0

299,Fire Fighter,38.0,77.0

300,Murderer’s Motif,38.0,61.0

301,Soviet Gentleman,38.0,16.0

302,Cold Killer,38.0,50.0

303,Optic Nerve,38.0,54.0

304,Das Naggenvatcher,38.0,33.0

305,Detective Noir,38.0,50.0

306,El Zapateador,38.0,46.0


308,Dancing Doe,37.0,58.0

309,Wet Works,37.0,40.0

310,Industrial Festivizer,37.0,43.0

311,Gentleman’s Gatsby,37.0,43.0

312,Universal Translator,36.0,172.0

313,Tipped Lid,36.0,62.0

314,Ze Goggles,36.0,54.0

315,Chieftain’s Challenge,36.0,57.0


317,Geisha Boy,35.0,38.0

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318,Cranial Carcharodon,35.0,23.0

319,Mighty Mitre,35.0,65.0

320,Bruce’s Bonnet,35.0,7.0

321,Pardner’s Pompadour,35.0,19.0

322,Western Wear,35.0,40.0

323,Medic’s Mountain Cap 35.0,34.0

324, Spirit of the Bombing Past,34.0-16.0

325,Grenadier’s Softcap,34.0,47.0


327,Brim Full of Bullets,34.0 & 39.0

328,Burning Bandana,34.0,42.0


330,Minnesota Slick,34.0,10.0

331,Ye Olde Baker Boy,34.0,51.0

332,Football Helmet,34.0,14.0

333,Rebel Rouser,33.0,39.0

334,Smoking Skid Lid 33.0,24.0

335,Wide-Brimmed Bandito,33.0,30.0

336,Neckwear Headwear,33.0,64.0

337,Towering Pillar of Hats 33.0,105.0

338,Tough Guy’s Toque,33.0,47.0

339,Bunsen Brave,32.0,38.0

340,Peacenik’s Ponytail,32.0,22.0

341,Screamin’ Eagle,32.0,34.0

342,El Fiestibrero,32.0,61.0

343,Polar Bear,32.0,44.0

344,Second-Head Headwear,32.0,58.0

345, Reel Fly Hat,

346,Hephaistos’ Handcraft,31.0,88.0

347,Hollowed Helm,31.0,73.0

348,Professor’s Peculiarity,31.0,22.0

349, Scottishman’s Stove Pipe,31.0-47.0

350,Baron von Havenaplane,31.0,32.0

351,Head Hedge,30.0,106.0

352,Professional’s Panama,30.0,51.0

353,Telefragger Toque,30.0,55.0

354,Brim Of Fire,

355,Bottle Cap,30.0,41.0

356,Teutonic Toque,30.0,31.0

357,German Gonzila,30.0,45.0


359,Stately Steel Toe.30.0,21.0

360,Defiant Spartan,30.0,45.0

361,Sir Pumpkinton,30.0,34.0

362,Gilded Guard,30.0,23.0

363,Texas Tin-Gallon,30.0,20.0

364,Commando Elite,30.0,58.0

365,Combustible Kabuto,30.0,41.0

366,Hottie’s Hoodie,30.0,44.0

367,Scotch Bonnet,30.0,39.0

368,Engineer’s Cap,30.0,41.0

369,Cloud Crasher,30.0,34.0

370,L’homme Burglerre,30.0,56.0

371,Head Of Defense,

372,Runner’s Warm-Up,29.0,33.0

373, Lord Cockswain’s Pith Helmet (29.0,31.0).

374,Human Cannonball,29.0,90.0

375,Heavy Duty Rag,29.0,33.0

376,Halogen Head Lamp,28.0,36.0

377,Tartan Spartan,28.0,30.0

378,Climbing Commander,28.0,52.0

379,Trencher’s Topper,28.0,26.0

380,Puffy Polar Cape,

381,Stout Shako,28.0,40.0

382,Bat Hat,28.0,154.0

383,Shoestring Santa,28.0,99.0

384,Elf Ignition,28.0,27.0

385,Frenchman’s Beret,27.0,37.0

386,Yule Hog,27.0,82.0

387,Stormin’ Norman,27.0,33.0

388,Old Guadalajara,27.0,52.0

389,Aviator Assa*sin,27.0,38.0

390,Buckaroo’s Hat,27.0,41.0

391,Wing Mann,27.0,52.0

392,Blitzen Bowl,27.0,45.0

393,Hive Minder,27.0,43.0

394,Firewall Helmet,27.0,30.0

395,Slick Cut,27.0,46.0

396,Missing Piece,26.0,112.0

397,Train Of Thought 26.0,29.0

398, Employee of the Mmmph.26.0,42.0

399,Beanie The All-Gnawing,26.0,162.0

400,Bullet Buzz,26.0,25.0

401,Jumper’s Jeepcap,26.0,50.0

402,Hot Dogger,26.0,83.0

403,Bra*s Bucket,26.0,57.0

404,Brain Interface,26.0,26.0

405,King Cardbeard,25.0,63.0

406,Capo’s Capper,25.0,23.0

407,Scout Shako,25.0,31.0

408,Tippler’s Tricorne,25.0,46.0

409,Ol’ Snaggletooth,25.0,35.0

410,Spooky Head-Bouncers,25.0,123.0

411, Virtual Reality Headset, 25.0,37.0

412,Archer’s Sterling,25.0,100.0

413,Noble Ama*sment of Hats 25.0,105.0

414,Tavish deGroot Experience,25.0,43.0

415,Jolly Jingler,25.0,98.0

416,Ol’ Geezer,24.0,24.0

417,Backbiter’s Billycock,24.0,70.0

418,Letch’s LED,24.0,36.0


420,Titanium Tyrolean,24.0,21.0

421,Crabe de Chapeau,24.0,94.0

422,Furious ,24.0,36.0

423,Bone Dome,24.0,32.0

424,Full Metal Drill Hat,24.0,37.0

425,Waxy Wayfinder,23.0,52.0

426,Rimmed Raincatcher,23.0,44.0

427,Napoleon Complex,23.0,49.0

428,Sultan’s Ceremonial,23.0,31.0

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429,Noble Nickel Hats Ama*sment, 23.0,65.0

430,Tyrantium Helmet,23.0,41.0

431,Powdered Practitioner,23.0,59.0

432,Larrikin Robin,23.0,58.0

433,Coupe D’isaster,22.0,30.0

434,Otolaryngologist’s Mirror,22.0,52.0

435,Trash Man,22.0,26.0


437,Platinum Pickelhaube,22.0,26.0

438,Cool Capuchon,22.0,40.0

439,Data Mining Light 22.0,20.0

440,Kiss King,22.0,113.0

441,Valley Forge,22.0,49.0

442,Highway Star,21.0,73.0

443,Carouser’s Capotain,21.0,60.0

444,Cozy Catchers,21.0,64.0


446, Copper’s Hard Top,

447,Steel Shako,21.0,37.0

448,Fried Batter,21.0,132.0

449,El Mostacho,21.0,82.0

450,Mann of Reason 21.0,27.0

451,Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats 21.0,89.0


453,Calamitous Cauldron,21.0,69.0

454,Bloke’s Bucket Hat 20.0,49.0

455, A Handy Thing That’s Amazing,20.0,80.0

456,Respectless Robo-Glove,20.0,34.0

457,Melted Mop,20.0,44.0

458,Magnificent Mongolian,20.0,49.0

459,Hard Counter,20.0,53.0

460,Doctor’s Sack,20.0,40.0

461,Pugilist’s Protector,20.0,43.0



463,Pom-Pommed Provocateur,19.0,33.0

464,Roaming Roman,19.0,83.0

465,Fat Man’s Field Cap,



468,Plug-In Prospector,18.0,26.0

469,Electric Escorter,18.0,40.0


471,Respectless Rubber Glove 18.0,36.0

472,Crack Pot,18.0,63.0


474,Little Buddy,18.0,47.0

475,Helmet Without a Home 18.0,36.0


477,Bonk Leadwear,18.0,28.0

478,Hetman’s Headpiece,18.0,46.0

479,Bot Dogger,17.0,87.0

480,Handyman’s Handle,17.0,63.0

481,Wildbrim Slouch,17.0/117.0

482,Fur-Lined Fighter,17.0,18.0

483,Bolted Birdcage,17.0,44.0

484,Broadband Bonnet,17.0,29.0

485,Shooter’s SolaTopi,

486,Timeless Topper,17.0,15.0

487,Toy Soldier,17.0,77.0

488, Sky High Fly Guy,

489,Tank Top,16.0,106.0

490,Strontium Stove Pipe,16.0,33.0

491,Dead Cone,16.0,25.0

492,Sober Stuntman,16.0,54.0

493,Brain-Warming Wear,16.0,197.0

494, Pyro’s Boron Beanie 16.0,38.0

495,Pure Tin Capotain.15.0,34.0

496,Metal Slug,15.0,22.0

497,Spiky Viking,15.0,103.0

498,Big Elfin Deal,15.0,68.0

499,Snack Stack,15.0,117.0

500,Semi-Tame Trapper’s Hat,15.0,13.0

501,Gym Rat,15.0,46.0

502,Janissary Ketche,14.0,58.0

503,Elf Esteem,14.0,218.0

504,Bombing Run,14.0,53.0

505,Toy Tailor,14.0,37.0

506,Base Metal Billycock 14.0,34.0

507,Prancer’s Pride,14.0,46.0

508,A Head Full Of Hot Air,

509,Bazaar Bauble,14.0,114.0

510, Elf Care Provider,

511,Backbreaker’s Skullcracker,13.0,42.0


513,Festive Cover-Up,13.0,75.0

514,Tungsten Toque,13.0,31.0

515,Glow From Below,13.0-37.0

516,Bootleg base metal Billycock,

517,Convict Cap,13.0,115.0

518,Cyborg Stunt Helmet,12.0,31.0

519,Cadaver’s Cranium,12.0,26.0

520,Elf Defense,12.0,59.0

521,Dread Knot,12.0,43.0

522,Killing Tree,12.0,127.0

523,Gridiron Guardian,12.0,28.0

524,Plumber’s Pipe,11.0,26.0

525,Shooter’s Tin Topi 11.0,42.0

These items do not have sell orders.


526, Sleeveless in Siberia,

527,Old Man Frost 0.0,0.0

528,Hunter Heavy,0.0,0.0

529,Coldfront Curbstompers,0.0,0.0

530,Siberian Facehugger,0.0,0.0

Team Fortress 2 – Unusual Cosmetics Tier List (2)


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What percent is unusual tf2? ›

There is a less than 1% chance of obtaining an Unusual quality item through crates and cases. Unusual quality items can be obtained in any crate or case, but the effect pools may vary depending on the crate or case series.

Who is the most loved TF2 character? ›

  1. engineer.
  2. sniper.
  3. heavy.
  4. soldier.
  5. medic.
  6. scout.
  7. pyro.
  8. spy.
Jun 18, 2015

What is the strongest weapon in TF2? ›

Team Fortress 2: 12 Most Effective Weapon Loadouts
  1. 1 Unkillable Spy. L'Etranger: Fills cloak meter with hits, and extends the duration of cloaking by 40%
  2. 2 Frontlines Sniper. ...
  3. 3 Battle-Ready Medic. ...
  4. 4 Combat Engineer. ...
  5. 5 Fortified Engineer. ...
  6. 6 Rushin' Heavy. ...
  7. 7 Hybrid Demoknight. ...
  8. 8 Undying Soldier. ...
May 12, 2021

What is the most wanted TF2? ›

The Most Wanted is a community-created special taunt for the Sniper. When the player selects it in the taunt menu, the Sniper takes a notepad and a marker from his vest, crosses out a name on a hitlist, and laughs, before putting them both back. The Most Wanted was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

What was TF2 highest player count? ›

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based multiplayer game with a variety of different battle game modes. The game has proved to be popular on Steam, reaching 119 thousand peak concurrent players gaming in February 2023.

How rare are drops TF2? ›

Players are guaranteed to find items at regular intervals of 30 to 70 minutes, with an average interval of 50 minutes. The system has a cap on the amount of playtime in which drops can occur. This cap has been estimated to be 10 hours each week.

Who is the slowest TF2 character? ›

The Heavy Weapons Guy, or simply the Heavy (Gary Schwartz), is a large Russian man from the Dzhugdzhur Mountains of the USSR. He is heavy in stature and accent, and is obsessed with firepower. He is the slowest class, and can both sustain and deal substantial amounts of damage.

Who does Scout have a crush on TF2? ›

It has been shown that the Scout has taken a romantic interest in Miss Pauling, which she tries to completely ignore. In Expiration Date, the Gun Mettle Update and the Tough Break Update, she is voiced by Ashly Burch.

What is the smallest gun in TF2? ›

The Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol is a community-created secondary weapon for the Scout. It is a stylized, small, black pistol with a short barrel and light-colored wooden grips.

What TF2 class takes the most skill? ›

I would say the hardest is spy. A lot of people might disagree, but I am a spy main and have been playing for a while, and I am still trying to master the class while my friends have already mastered theirs.

What is the average TF2 player age? ›

12-16 is average age.

What country plays TF2 the most? ›

Top Countries For Team Fortress 2
1.United States747 Players
2.United Kingdom121 Players
3.Canada104 Players
4.Finland61 Players
5.Sweden37 Players
31 more rows
Oct 28, 2007

What is the max items in TF2? ›

Multiple Backpack Expanders can be used by the same player to obtain a maximum of 3000 slots (60 pages). This means all players can use up to 27 Backpack Expanders, leaving Free-to-Play players at a total of 2750 slots. The remaining 250 slots can be obtained by upgrading to Premium.

What is the rarest Australium TF2? ›

Regardless they should give a general impression of their rarity.
  • Australium Eyelander - 680 exist.
  • Australium Force-A-Nature - 1793 exist.
  • Australium Tomislav - 1930 exist.
  • Australium Blutsauger - 2004 exist.
  • Australium Axtinguisher - 2013 exist.
  • Australium Flame Thrower - 2026 exist.
  • Australium SMG - 2040 exist.
Feb 11, 2016

What is the cheapest thing on the TF2 market? ›

The Best Cheap TF2 Skins
  • The Black Box. Type: Primary Weapon. ...
  • The Rescue Ranger. Type: Primary Weapon. ...
  • The Wrangler. Type: Secondary Weapon. ...
  • The Warrior's Spirit. Type: Melee Weapon. ...
  • The Degreaser. Type: Primary Weapon. ...
  • The Powerjack. Type: Melee Weapon. ...
  • The Enforcer. Type: Secondary Weapon. ...
  • Jarate. Type: Secondary Weapon.
May 27, 2022

Can TF2 keys drop? ›

Keys cannot be found from random drops and cannot be crafted. Upon purchase, they are untradable for 7 days, provided the user's first Steam purchase was more than 30 days ago.

What is strange quality TF2? ›

Strange, an item quality that allows to track specific actions, such as kills. Strange Parts, a tool that adds an additional variable to Strange weapons. Strange Filter, a tool that restricts the tracking to a specific map, while also adding a prefix to the weapon.

What is the unusual person in the Iron Mask TF2? ›

The Person in the Iron Mask is a promotional cosmetic item for the Pyro. It is based on the mask worn by Firemen from the video game BioShock Infinite; an iron mask painted gold, with a bolt ridge on the side of the mask to hold the two pieces together.

How many kills do you need for Hale's own? ›

208500Hale's Own
17 more rows
Mar 2, 2023

Who is the least used character in TF2? ›

Sniper is definitely the most played, medic the least.

What does Mat_picmip do in TF2? ›

The console command mat_picmip controls texture resolution and has one of the biggest visual "gains". It accepts values from '2' to '-10', 2 being the worst quality and -10 being the best (refer to the comparison image).

Do TF2 headshots matter? ›

Headshots deal guaranteed Critical hits; unless a damage reducing effect is active, a fully charged headshot from the Sniper Rifle instantly kills any class regardless of overheal, except a Dead Ringer Spy, which requires a fully charged Machina headshot.

Who is the most picked class in TF2? ›

Best Team Fortress 2 Classes
  1. 1 Scout. ...
  2. 2 Pyro. ...
  3. 3 Soldier. ...
  4. 4 Demoman. ...
  5. 5 Spy. ...
  6. 6 Engineer. ...
  7. 7 Medic. ...
  8. 8 Sniper.

What mask does TF2 Spy wear? ›

The Noh Mercy is a community-created promotional cosmetic item for the Spy. It is a team-colored traditional oni mask. The Spy's cigarette sticks sideways out of its mouth, wedged between two teeth.

Who is the fastest in TF2? ›

The Scout is the fastest and most versatile class in TF2.

What is the laugh called in TF2? ›

The Schadenfreude is a special taunt for all classes. When activated through the taunts menu, the character takes joy in the suffering of others for a moment by laughing at them. Each class has a different animation and taunt duration: the Spy has the longest laugh, while the Engineer has the shortest.

Who is the shirtless guy in TF2? ›

Saxton Hale is a daring Australian, President and CEO of Mann Co., and the star of many comics series.

Who is the little girl in TF2? ›

Olivia Mann

Olivia is the daughter of Gray Mann and the current CEO of Gray Gravel Co. She also became the CEO of Mann Co. after winning it from Saxton Hale by technicality using the Mann Co.

Who is the big dude in TF2? ›

The Heavy Weapons Guy, more commonly known as the Heavy, is a towering hulk of a man hailing from the USSR. He is often considered the face of the game, due to his prominent appearance on box-art, promotional materials, and loading screens.


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