Lost Ark - The Complete Main Questline (2023)

Quests are an important aspect of the Lost Ark. Lost Ark is focused on the Main questline; the game has a pretty long Main questline to reach the Endgame. Upgrading your Characters and your item levels is one thing, but the focus of the game and crafting out a strong main storyline is also part of the Lost Ark.

The main questline is also rewarding in the form of experience points. You can and it’s a better approach to complete the Main questline by all your characters in the game. You will reach level 50 throughout the main story questline. The game doesn’t end after the Main story questline plus it moves to the endgame content and character level. The story then moves to the continents, After the Main questline ends players follow the World quests to level up.

The quests are not the same in every continent or the same quantity, they are dependent on the continent itself and the history and backstory of the continent.


Rethramis is the continent where Lost Ark begins, right from the Prologue you will not be solely doing the training but progressing through the story questline. You can skip this as it’s not very heavy on the story components. You will get your first mount also in the Rethramis region, You can have pets as well.

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  • Crossroads of Destiny
  • To the Forgotten Land
  • Bird in the Ruins
  • The Call of the Ancient Prophecy
  • Unleashed Light of Destiny
  • The Priest
  • Siege of Armel
  • Savior
  • Tales and Legends
  • Legacy of the Ancients
  • In the East Chapel
  • Traces of the Stone Tablet
  • Words of the Stonemason
  • What the Thieves want
  • Warning: Tomb Raider
  • Trouble in Kolsh Forest
  • Demons in Hell
  • Demons in Prideholme
  • Neria’s Story
  • Tablet of Revelation
  • Gathering Clues
  • Mountain of the Singing Wind
  • Holy Source
  • The Source of the Plague
  • A Command Post in Distress
  • Belated Help
  • Snake Nest
  • You will be Remembered
  • A Mysterious Attack
  • A New Plague
  • A Possible Solution
  • The Snake Jewel
  • On the Border

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Yudia questline

You will move on from Rethramis to Yudia for a small chapter. This continent is very small and has only two Areas and you will cover a small chapter of the main story’s quests.

  • The Search for the Nomad
  • Burned Camp
  • Street of Bandits
  • Salt Mine
  • The Search for the Monument
  • Rip up the Bandits
  • Another Monument
  • Aregal Salt Flats
  • Submission and Salvation
  • The Last Monument
  • Always One after the Other
  • Nomad Meeting
  • Prepare for the Rain
  • To Morai
  • Where is Armel
  • Foxfire
  • Armel and the Demon
  • Demon Submission
  • Let’s go to Luterra!

West Luterra questline

After the small chapter in Yudia, you will move to West Luttera and you will do a handful of main story quests in the West Luterra continent.

  • Fortress under Attack
  • Destroy Sentry Post
  • To the Zagoras Fortress
  • Armel’s Request
  • The Decoration
  • To the Eastern Ruins
  • Song of Valor
  • To Lakebar
  • The Village with a Lake
  • Still Undecided
  • The Burden of Death
  • The Iron Crown
  • The Spirit of Luterra
  • The Crown of Lakebar
  • To the Degree of Shimmer
  • Shimmer Level
  • To Medrick Monastery
  • Monastery before Ruin
  • The Warpriests of Medrick
  • Thirain’s Wrath
  • The Bilbrin Militia
  • Pay Respect to the Hunters
  • Contact with the Militia
  • Militia Leader Castleford
  • Thirain’s Disappearance
  • An Unshakeable Determination
  • To the Battlefield
  • By the Demon Beast Legion
  • To the Hero Wall

East Luterra quest line

From West Luterra to continue the storyline and the main questline in the game, you will move to the next continent in Lost Ark. The East Luterra is a big continent and has 9 areas where you will do different storylines quests. You will spend almost 10 levels in this continent. There is also a quest in East Luterra for unlocking your Stronghold where you can also store your items, have ships, and can form crews, and do a lot of things. Stronghold is like your home in the Lost Ark.

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  • A Kingdom Reclaimed
  • Reconstruction of Luterra
  • Song of Return
  • The inhabitants of Luterra Castle
  • Two Families
  • In the name of the elder
  • Brother against Brother
  • In the name of the youngest
  • The beginning of Reconciliation
  • United once more
  • In search of the lost sentence
  • Heroes and Constellations
  • Eerie Pumpkin Farm
  • Pumpkin Cleaning
  • The deaf bard
  • The blind bard
  • All night long
  • Royal Seal of the Eagle
  • The dangerous forest of Lastra
  • King’s tomb
  • A legend reborn
  • The Wingless
  • To the Edge of the World
  • Destiny guided by the light
  • Full of gratitude
  • Infested Garden
  • The sweet lure of chaos
  • King Thirian’s swift reply
  • Spreading madness
  • The distant ringing of a bell
  • Above the tendrils of the black rose
  • The Secret of the Cemetery Chapel
  • Disguise preparations.
  • The Conjuration of Madness
  • The long and dark night
  • On the trail of Kalkul-Saydon
  • Pureum and the land of Purification
  • The leaders of the Pureum
  • Seria’s gift
  • Lighea’s advice
  • Kalkul-Saydon’s plan
  • Sad foreboding
  • Drums of Resistance
  • Preparation for battle
  • On the verge of war
  • To victory
  • Flare of fire
  • The wise
  • Everything Ready
  • Battlefield Wounds
  • Holy Inquisitors
  • In the footsteps of the saints
  • The wind stays, the dreams fade
  • A fine ship
  • Find the sneaky pirates
  • As blue as the sea
  • In search of pirates
  • Intimidated
  • Shadow of Light Inn
  • Black Tooth’s whereabouts
  • Find Black Tooth’s crew
  • Heiho, Heiho, we are Happy and Happy
  • Big Flare
  • Make your intention known
  • The rescue of Black Tooth’s crew
  • Storm the Howling Storm Grotto
  • Half-Half
  • Set sail!

Tortoyk quest line

You can now choose to go to the Tortoyk continent or any other continent in Lost Ark. You were getting the main questline by an Orange objective in your quests menu. Now, you’ll get the new quests which are highlighted in the quests menu called World quests but the story hasn’t ended and is continued. You now have the freedom to choose from what continent you want to explore and do the World quests. The Tortoyk continent is a medium island that has 5 areas and you’ll reach above 40 levels doing the World quests there.

  • Lucky day
  • A home in danger
  • Take of Mokamoka
  • There is one more thing
  • Water is life
  • Juicy and red
  • Transform into a Mokoko!
  • To Mokoko Village
  • Magic card
  • Used nose clip
  • In the morning dew to the village
  • Clean the map
  • freshwater rasper
  • fire Department
  • yard in distress
  • For self-assembly
  • heart of gold
  • stab in the heart
  • sign of time
  • Wait a moment
  • A new beginning
  • Where the pirates are
  • Unfounded
  • On to the post
  • Small deeds
  • Brave Heart
  • A heart
  • Always according to the map
  • rock information
  • One last goodbye
  • From the cradle
  • Severe injury
  • Treatment Time – Reward: Melody of the Heart
  • Tortoyk’s heart
  • peace of mind
  • Pride and joy of the village
  • Round trip
  • part of the team

Anikka questline

Anikka Continent also has World quests that you can choose to continue at any time you want there is no force on which continent to follow first.

Annika is an island the World quest is very interesting there which involves a tournament in which you will take part and fight your way through different opponents in the tournament. You will fight 9 different opponents. You can get to level 45 in Anikka if you’re following this questline path.

  • An old story
  • Join the tournament
  • The first match
  • Desire for dumplings
  • Manphos dumplings
  • Dumpling Fighter
  • The second match
  • night terrors
  • A murder case
  • Full moon frenzy
  • The third match
  • Awesome arm
  • The fourth match
  • Heir to the Jeok family
  • The fifth match
  • gloomy house
  • acupuncture ace
  • A letter from his wife
  • Demonic Clash
  • The sixth match
  • intention of the intruder
  • The Master’s drinking table
  • Sir Druden’s problem
  • Pumpkin Bottle Treasure
  • sign of dissolution
  • The seventh match
  • master of his trade
  • The eighth match
  • Into the fog
  • Help from a madman
  • Summoner’s Source
  • Key of the Horizon
  • End of the Summoner
  • At the threshold
  • proof of my worth
  • The message of the star messenger
  • With the wind

Arthetine questline

You can reach level 50 in the Arthetine continent. You can level up quickly in the Arthetine continent but you have to do all the quests for the Arthetine. There are many mechanical enemies and bosses in the Arthetine continent. You can skip the side quests if you want but you have to follow main quests. You will surely progress towards level 50.

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  • The Machine City
  • Mysterious Mech Corps
  • tumult over a train
  • On to Stern
  • Stern’s alligator
  • Doubts about Verdantier
  • The three leaders
  • investigation support
  • Read tracks
  • To the hoverboard proving ground
  • Mysterious Signs
  • Investigation of the airship crash
  • Foghorn Laboratory
  • A better place to work
  • To the hoverboard lab
  • rescue
  • The Heart of Sceptrum
  • collision
  • Krause’s whereabouts
  • turmoil in the garbage
  • Decimation of the Mech Corps
  • Lockdown Totrichs
  • Defeat the Observers
  • To Bergstrom’s lab
  • remnants of power
  • Assembly of Regulators
  • iron gate
  • Admission at any price
  • The ones left behind
  • The Observer
  • Haberk to ship
  • A brand for Opher’s thoughts

North Vern questline

When you’re at level 50 you will get to the Northern Vern. You can do your World quests on this continent. There is a lot of side quests available as well which will unlock new content.

  • Vern, the continent of adventurers
  • Off to Vern Castle!
  • Stormy news
  • The Queen’s Knights in the Senate
  • Ealyn’s request
  • Shadows of the Rift’s past
  • Powerless Follower
  • Raniarode Adventurers’ Guild
  • The matter of ranks
  • Qualifications for entering Balankar
  • In the wake of the death
  • despair in the mountains
  • Necromancer Sacrifice
  • Sigmund’s whereabouts
  • To the besieged fortress
  • The Battle of Fort Tyron
  • Burning Light of Hope
  • To Old Elveria
  • She waits, he goes
  • Ealyn’s gift

Shuhire questline

You will get a ship from Northern Vern by completing the main questline, you can use the ship and sail to the Shuhire Continent. You can now do the SHuhire main questline.

  • The Frozen Sea
  • What’s slumbering there
  • Beginning of dawn
  • relief work
  • Jenik
  • Into the arena
  • bitter wind
  • Gentle and peaceful
  • Sparrow and Mill
  • To the rescue!
  • Missing Prisoners
  • On the track
  • Kindled embers
  • lake legend
  • teacher and student
  • Find Vrad
  • punishment
  • Vrad’s end
  • Amid the cheers
  • revelations
  • Wolves in the sanctuary
  • Demons in the sanctuary
  • cliff hanger
  • Remaining footprints
  • Frozen footprints
  • Blinding Mist
  • Commander Akkan
  • breaking dawn


Rohendel continent will unlock when you reach item level 400.

  • The port of Rohendel
  • Bambiri village
  • Aven’s house
  • Froggy and the magician
  • A strange Sylvan
  • Magical Investigation
  • Into the warped magical rift
  • An Audience with the Queen
  • Rohendel’s Queen
  • Between sun and moon
  • Water Keeper Orelda
  • The Eternal Curse
  • Memories of the forest, dreams of the wind
  • Urgent emergency
  • Forest warden Dignius
  • Song of the Lessing Wind
  • An inconsistent wind
  • A hidden wind
  • The Sanctuary of the Wind
  • storm front ahead
  • Howling wind
  • The end of the storm
  • To the ruin!
  • The city in ruins
  • In search of Lenora
  • the aftermath of the eruption
  • fire marks
  • memories of the earth
  • Gherdia’s tracks
  • The Sylvans from Xeneela
  • Dying Embers
  • Rohendel’s research
  • Fallen Flame Warden
  • Overflowing Flames
  • Azena in danger
  • Travel to Elzowin’s Shadow
  • A broken curse
  • Elzowin’s nightmare
  • nightmare in the forest
  • The reunion
  • Aven’s whereabouts
  • Protection for Aven
  • Elzowin’s defender
  • Elzowin plagued by dreams
  • Ratik


Yorn continent will unlock when you reach the power level 600.

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  • land of beginnings
  • The Price of Fame
  • The beginning
  • Important Information
  • To the big festival
  • For real big festivals
  • True brilliance
  • The sun of the big festivals
  • The criminal clerk
  • Rocket Boot Delivery Service
  • The early bird catches the worm
  • To the unfinished garden
  • Super Unar Brothers
  • On to the cart
  • Necessary repair
  • Clean up the contaminated area
  • Problems with the water tank
  • ghosts of the past
  • Preparations for a trip
  • A letter from an old friend
  • soot anvil mine
  • Nupen’s rescue
  • After the earthquake
  • The cause of the earthquake
  • The Lost Fjorgin
  • Fiery workshop
  • To the Bombastic Brewery
  • Find the Great Seal
  • The spreading quake
  • What triggered the earthquakes?
  • The real cause
  • Cover all the bases
  • Hot stuff, dynamite
  • The real culprit
  • Finally awakened
  • To the forbidden zone
  • home of the ancestors
  • sense of duty
  • The sleepless souls
  • With the ancestors
  • To the Ark of Arrogance
  • Stop Velcruze
  • The final report


Feiton continent will be unlocked when you reach item level 960.

  • The Unloved Country
  • observer of the light
  • shadow of the valley
  • If you love your life
  • The Black Abyss
  • Dark Blades
  • A watchful shadow
  • city ​​of the troubled
  • chaos inside the heart
  • Avesta, Order of Assassins
  • Howling Forest
  • work for food
  • Between life and death
  • threshold of survival
  • ghost in the swamp
  • Echoes from the swamp
  • Dark Blade
  • Join the Avesta
  • shadow monastery
  • Infiltrate the barrier and destroy it
  • Over the roof of the shadow monastery
  • children at risk
  • Preparing to enter the monastery
  • True as steel
  • Good and evil
  • Bloody Country
  • Broken shield of God
  • To the Black Rain Plains
  • Farther than death
  • testament


Punika continent will be unlocked when you reach item level 1100.

  • Step by step
  • Joint preparations for the Lailai Festival with everyone
  • To the Mild Coast Road
  • Nia and the investigation
  • your whereabouts
  • Go to their location
  • Nia’s confidant
  • red sky
  • cliff of serenity
  • suspicious movement
  • The stench of blood
  • Best Healer
  • Relaxation at the hot springs
  • determination
  • Brave Nia
  • Nia’s instructions
  • demon attack
  • Follow the tracks
  • Protect the root!
  • rescue operation
  • The things occupying the altar
  • The rescue operation continues
  • Another Problem
  • Another obstacle
  • The swamp demon
  • The Demon’s Whisper
  • The protector
  • Final preparations
  • Protect the Seed of Harmony!
  • Valuable things, barely protected
  • festival preparations
  • Festivals and Selection

Southern Vern

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Northern Rimera

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Southern Rimera

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