Best Arena 11 Deck 2022 - Clash Royale [Arena 11] (2023)

Best Arena 11 Deck 2022 - Clash Royale [Arena 11] (1)

Looking for Best Arena 11 Deck 2022 so you are at the right place here you will get best deck in clash royale arena 11 to use and get best deck in clash royale arena 11 Game. So without wasting time It’s time to check the best cr deck for arena 11.

Best Arena 11 Deck Clash Royale

Do you want to leave Arena 11 and go to Arena 12, also known as Spooky Town? You are now in an environment where the competition is heating up a bit. For this you need to find the best Arena 11 deck. What to expect from Arena 11? You should know that players now have seven more cards, including the mighty Electro Giant and Sparky. Now take a deep breath and check out the best deck in clash royale arena 11.

I have a feeling that things are only going to get tougher with Arena 11. In particular, you can look at a lot of Electro and Sparky Giant decks. However, there is nothing to worry about. Because you will be able to overcome them. You just have to choose the deck that best suits your playing style to dominate it. I will help you a lot in this regard. Let’s take a look at the best cr deck for arena 11 together.

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Best Arena 11 Deck – Elixir golem barbarian hut deck

This deck allows you to perform extremely powerful attacks from Arena 11 in Clash Royale. After the buff, Barbarian Hut is most powerful and can be searched everywhere in the current meta in-game. It allows you to control your opponent by defending all kinds of pushes. When destroyed, the hut gives way to 2 barbarians, which is very annoying for your in-game enemies. The Elixir Golem should only be utilized if you are sure that you can conduct a massive attack that cannot be countered. The Battle Healer and Electric Dragon along with the tornado are very effective in reaching your opponent’s tower! The average cost in elixiris 3.5 and its Code nameis Elixir golem healer.

Best Arena 11 Deck – Sparky Giant Deck

This sparking deck should turn back time and double the pressure on ordinary elixir. Use sprinkles to defend against the opponent’s big push and place a giant in front of him in a counterattack. If your opponent tries to reset your spark, Mini-Pekka will allow you to predict a lightning spell. The bat will complicate your opponent’s defense as a musketeer’s support if necessary. Arrows and blinks will get rid of ghosts or skeletons that may disturb your glow. The average cost in elixiris 3.6 and its Code nameis Giant sparky mini-pekka.

Best Arena 11 Deck – Lava hound clone deck

Lots of fun playing this deck! The Clone spell pairs especially well with Lava Hound and Lumberjack. The Lumberjack clone drops an extra rage spell when killed and the Lava Hound clone leaves room for 1 HP Lava Pups. The idea behind the deck is to build a massive attack and clone as many soldiers as possible at the same time to outwit the opposing defense. However, be careful not to clone if your enemies have poison or tornado in hand: all copied units will be destructed quickly. The average cost of elixiris 3.6 and its Code nameis Lava clone.

Best Arena 11 Deck – Royal Hogs RR Deck

The standard elixir cost for this deck is 3.9. His attack power is good and his defensive power is excellent. For a free-to-play player, I would rate this deck “good”. You can use flying machines and jappies cards for air defense. Goblin Cage is a special card that you can employ. Barbarian Barrel and Fireball are destructive spell cards. You must realize that the Royal Hog is your win condition.

This is the most functional deck for attacking from the double lane. When Royal Recruits are on the battleground, you can find the enemy tower and use the Royal Hog in the direction of the opponent’s tower. This is a deck that forces you to be especially careful of opponents with lots of area damage cards. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of the deck. If you can dodge these cards from your opponent, you can make a lot of profit. Add deck to Click Here.

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Best Arena 11 Deck – New Cards Available

Entering Clash Royale Arena 11 unlocks the following cards and Best Arena 11 Deck;

  • Tesla
  • Electro-wizard
  • Electro-dragon
  • Elixir golem
  • Sparky
  • Zappies
  • Electric valley
  • Clone

The 7 new cards available in Arena 11 have two winning conditions: Elixir Golem and Sparkling Golem. As a reminder, a victory condition is a card that will allow you to take down an enemy tower. Your Clash Royale Best Arena 11 Deck is built around this card to improve your chances of winning.

Elixir Golem is a very powerful tank that only costs 3 Elixir. On the other way, it needs to be deployed with best care and preperation as it gives your opponent four elixir when completely end. This is the only card in the game that has 3 types of splits to give a total of 6 units (Golem, two Golemites and four Elixir Balls).

Sparkler is a support card that works great with Vishal. His explosion allows him to quickly crush enemy soldiers. It takes four sec. to recharge after each shot. You can use it to clear a big push of the enemy in defense and then counter-attack with a giant in front to defend it.

Tesla is the best defensive building that can target both air units and ground. To activate, a soldier must be within its range or remain underground. He can’t take any magic damage other than an earthquake that can kill him, even if he’s underground! We essentially find it in the crossbow cover to ensure the defense.

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Zappies are actually 3 little sparks that need to be charged before they can attack. They can stop the charge of an entity like Prince or War Ram with a reset mechanism similar to Electromage. They will also be able to neutralize a demonic dragon or a demonic tower.

The Clone spell allows you to copy all soldiers within a 3 square radius. The clones will have the same attack points as the original, but only 1 hit point, making them much weaker! In addition, the Clone spell carries some soldiers’ special bonuses: giant skeleton bombs will also be in the game when the clone dies. This spell does not work on buildings.

The Electro-Wizard is a very versatile card primarily used for defense. His reset mechanism is similar to that of Zappy and allows him to stop a balloon, battle ram, or hell dragon. On the counter, place a tank in front of your opponent to get him into trouble. He can attack with both hands, focusing hundred percent of his damage on one target or fifty percent of his damage on two targets. When deployed, it deals the same field damage as the Zap.

Electrodragon has similar properties to Electromage except that it is an airborne detachment. Deals chain damage to three closest targets and is often found with Elixir Golem and Giant.

Berst Arche Type Should You Choose

These new cards will allow you to complete some effective ladder decks and Best Arena 11 Deck:

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Tesla in an X-Bow 2.9 deck or with Ice Wizard/Rocket


the spark behind the giant or giant ghost
Elixir Golem with Electro-Dragon and Magic Archer
Clone spells in a Lava Hound or Golem deck to multiply Golemites or Lava Hatchlings.

Spam Bridge

Electro-Wizard on a Pekka Bridge Spam Best Arena 11 Deck
Zappies in the deck of real pigs with double lane pressure


In this post, we providethe best arena 11 decks to use this guide to get information about thebest deck in clash royale arena 11. In the future new best deck arena 11 are launched then we update this post last update – 14 January 2022 so you always get all the best deck for arena 11 updates here. Hope you really like this Good Arena 11 Decks post if you have any suggestions so the comment section is open and don’t forget to bookmark this post for the Best Arena 11 Deck Clash Royale.

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